Love your neighbor

We share God’s unconditonal love through Outreach and Supportive Housing
with people experiencing homelessness and trafficking. 

First Fruit Ministries has provided safe housing for victims of sex trafficking for almost 20 years.

Leah’s Journey to the first safe place she has known

First Fruit Ministries engages men and women caught in addiction, gangs, and the commercial sex industry all over Wilmington, showing love and building relationships.

Love is the foundation for Patty’s change

First Fruit Ministries provides medical care, hot meals, and supplies to people living on the streets and in the woods.

In giving we always receive more than we share

First Fruit Ministries provides supportive housing for over 30 homeless women and families each year.

A brief flash of anger caused Sue to make a terrible mistake.

10,000+ hours of volunteer time changes lives every year at First Fruit Ministries.

Read Josh’s story

Mailing address
P.O. Box 15354, Wilmington, NC 28408

Office Hours
Monday-Friday  10:00am to 5:00pm.


Administrative Office
(910) 794-9656 ext. 100

Wilmington Dream Center Supportive Housing
(910) 794-9656 ext. 110

Food Pantry
(910) 794-9656 , press “1” for days and hours of operation