Lessons learned over the years emphasize the importance of personal relationships in creating meaningful and sustainable change. Clients who demonstrate the highest outcome achievement are those who feel secure enough in relationships to tackle the hard work of personal growth. When a program participant feels loved and genuinely confident in their relationship with First Fruit Ministries staff, they address barriers such as co-dependence, lack of self-esteem, abandonment issues, and poor coping skills. These are just some of the root causes of homelessness for the majority of our clients. Dealing with the external issues of income and housing, without addressing root causes, is ineffective in creating long-term results.

First Fruit Ministries is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Wilmington Dream Center

the goal is to help women and families to have permanent housing supported by stable employment; to connect them as members of the Wilmington community.

Street Outreach

mobile outreaches providing hot meals, clothing, and supplies to homeless people on the streets four times weekly.

Food Pantry

a food box program providing fresh groceries and canned goods to low-income households three days per week.

Urban Missionary Program

Urban missionaries are Christian believers who feel called to serve at First Fruit Ministries for a year or more. Each is assigned to a specific staff member or program and generally live on campus. Urban Missionaries may participate in all ministry activities or specialize in Outreach, Residential, or Administrative tracks. Urban Missionaries care for others through faith and service, and minister to those who are homeless or experiencing brokenness.

Widows Ministry

Volunteers visit area widows regularly and provide companionship and comfort along with the necessities of life.

Sisters of Hope Mentorship Program

Sisters of Hope is a program designed to bring friendship, love, encouragement and hope to female residents at First Fruit Ministries’ Transitional and Permanent Housing Programs. Our a one-on-one mentorship program pairs every women with a resident to support her journey to healing and wholeness. Mentors will commit to a 6-month relationship with two outing per month such as getting coffee, talking a walk, having dinner, or seeing a movie. Mentors must be born-again Christians and attend bi-monthly trainings to participate in the mentorship program.